Welcome to the study "What is context dependency?”

Dear participant,
thank you for supporting this research, which is being conducted by the Chair of Social Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.
In this study, we aim to gather researchers' assessments of the influence of different study characteristics on the size of the Imagined Intergroup Contact Effect.
More specifically, we collect predictions on the size of the effect when the study is being replicated under varying circumstances.

Participation conditions

We warmly welcome all individuals holding a Ph.D. in the social sciences or currently pursuing a Ph.D. to participate in our study. Expertise on the “Imagined Intergroup Contact Effect” is not required. Please do not participate in case you recently participated in the German study entitled “Just Imagine the Smoking Fox” (which tested the effect itself).


The study takes about 15 minutes in total.
The study works as follows: We will first ask you to answer a few questions about yourself. We will then give you some information about the imagined intergroup contact effect and our study design. We then ask you to estimate the effect size of the imagined intergroup contact effect for four different studies that differ in design aspects.

Thank you and have fun!

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